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About Me


Dr.  Deborah E. Holmes is Founder of Divine Evangelistic Helps Ministry, The Barbara G. Moore Memorial Foundation, and now retired Station Manager of Radio Station KSTL AM 690 (a 24-hour Christian station).  She began her career with the radio station at its inception into the St. Louis market in August 1994.  She was the first employee hired for the new station when she joined them as an Account Executive on April 25, 1994.  In just one year, God moved on the heart of the owner, Mr. Donald Crawford, to appoint her Station Manager, working closely with her General Manager, Taft Harris, who was stationed in Chicago, Illinois and they worked together until December 2003.  During her career with the station, she was also instrumental in encouraging and aiding a number of lay people to move forward with the vision God gave them for their ministry purpose.  As a result, many of them went on to become pastors of their own churches.  On February 25, 2010, Dr. Holmes retired from the radio station after nearly 17 years of leading this station to become one of the premier, unique Gospel stations in the market featuring local and national ministries.

Divine Evangelistic Helps Ministry

In March 2011, she registered her independent ministry with the State of Missouri called Divine Evangelistic Helps Ministry.  Through this independent ministry, she plans to spread the Good News through speaking engagements, conferences, and crusades, as well as serve as emcee, soloist, or other ministerial opportunities to win souls for the Kingdom. Dr. Holmes has demonstrated a love for teaching the Word of God by first preparing herself through structured study of the Word through Bible College.  Her desire to attend Bible College was motivated by her quest to understand “how the pieces of the puzzle fit.”  The Bible is a very complex Book of instruction, which tells God’s story and His love for His people, which is often taught or preached in a manner that still leaves one to wonder about certain things.  It is always Dr. Holmes’ intent not to impress people with what she knows, but to be led by the Spirit to bring clarity and understanding to the Word of God through simple explanations, illustrations, and daily application, which brings empowerment, enlightenment, and excitement about God’s Word. 


In May 1992, Dr. Holmes graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate and Industrial Communications.  She was licensed and ordained into Christian Ministry on July 11, 2009 by the American Missions Teams, Inc., after completing Undergraduate requirements in Theology through International College of Bible Theology.  She received her Masters Degree in Theology (emphasis in Teaching and Ministry) also from ICBT on July 17, 2010.  She received her Doctorate of Judaic Christian Studies (emphasis in Teaching & Research) on August 12, 2017, from Cohen Institute, where she is on staff as a substitute Professor.

Volunteer Extraordinaire

Since 2001, she has engaged in the challenge of educating the African American community about the risk factors of diabetes.  Her mother, Barbara G. Moore, was diagnosed with diabetes about four years before her death in January 2000.  Although she suffered from diabetes, the cause of death was listed as congestive heart failure and renal (kidney) failure.  Because there are measures one can take to control this disease, Dr. Holmes is amazed that many people are still going blind, losing limbs, and suffering heart failure as a result of diabetes.  Due to the fact that it can be controlled, she has been actively involved with the American Diabetes Association in encouraging the community to take action now and become proactive in fighting this dreadful disease. 


Dr. Holmes is blessed to share in retirement with her husband, since August 1986, Douglas E. Holmes. She is thankful to God for her two daughters, Dwynise McCottrell (deceased October 28, 2013) and Delisia Dickerson (a Mechanical Engineer for DuPont in Wilmington, DE).  She and Douglas are the proud grandparents of Rahjae Cooper and Bria Dickerson, and great-grandparents of Rahjae Cooper, Jr.


Dr. Holmes’ strength, faith, and trust in God was evidenced during the illness and ultimate transition of her oldest daughter.  She demonstrated the true essence of the living Word of God, as she encouraged her family and friends during this difficult period.  God gave her the strength to eulogize her daughter.  She said to the audience, “For those of you who prayed for my strength, this is what strength looks like.  If you prayed for my peace, this is what peace looks like.  I choose to believe what God’s Word says and that is, ‘I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.  WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT, BUT JOY COMES IN THE MORNING.’  It is my choice to allow His Word to comfort me and to bring me joy for I know where my daughter is.  She’s in Paradise with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and He promised that I would see her again, therefore I choose to believe it.  As well, I will never celebrate her death, but every October 28th, I will not only celebrate my birthday in the natural, but I will celebrate her spiritual birth of the start of her new life in Paradise.”  Onlookers watched in amazement at this pillar of strength, who served to confirm that we serve a true and living God who is able to comfort you no matter what the circumstances.  We just have to position ourselves to receive all that He is willing to give us.

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