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What a privilege it is to be able to serve God’s people.  I am delighted to introduce you to Divine Evangelistic Helps Ministry, which was God-inspired several years ago.  God has given me the assignment of teaching His Word and this means that I’m not limited to traditional means of sharing the Good News.  Therefore, I will share the Good News through social media outlets, my website, books, newsletters, preaching, conferences, workshops, and through whatever opportunities He opens up for me.  It is my sincere desire to help people to understand God’s Word through plain, simple, easy to understand language, along with illustrations and examples for how to apply The Word to your daily lives.



For many years, it has been my desire to write a book.  Several times I’ve started and stopped, but at the beginning of 2014, after attending a Bible Study, I embarked on a journey that led to enough material to compile multiple books.  During that particular Bible Study, Pastor Dr. Willie E. Kilpatrick challenged the audience to establish a plan to become more spiritually healthy by selecting an area of our lives that we could improve, then commit to that project for 90 days.  I chose to do a better job of spreading the Good News.  That night, God revealed to me the assignment that would enhance not only my desire to share the Good News, but the journey taught me how to strengthen my personal relationship with Him.  The result was a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him where He began to reveal future events.  Intimacy with God is far beyond a relationship with Him because it is in that place of intimacy where secrets are revealed and trust is increased. 


I elected to spread the Good News through posting a daily devotional on Facebook and via email, entitled 90 Days of Sharing the Good News.  In the beginning, the messages were short and direct to the point, but as I began to seek Him more, He gave me what amounts to a series of mini sermons, each one inclusive of Scripture, explanation, illustration, application, and an ending prayer.  He brought to my remembrance various events and circumstances I had endured, which helped my readers to relate to real life situations and how the Word of God can be applied in every situation. 

The writings often featured promises of God and this journey helped me to see that Scripture is filled with God’s promises, which also have a premise.  The premise is what we should do and the promise is what God will do.  Therefore, we have an equal responsibility in bringing God’s Word to life and in order for it to work for us, we have to be willing and obedient to do what is required of us.  Most often, what is required of us is action.  We cannot allow ourselves to think that God is going to do all the work, but He will reward us for our obedience to His Word.  These inspired writings will help to identify the premise and promise found in Scripture, so that the reader is clearly informed of his or her action that will enable the Word to come to life.  One has to ask himself, am I willing to do what is necessary to manifest God’s promises in my life?  Get ready to take this journey with me if you are ready to affect change in your life and your relationship with God.

Released January 2018



I Feel Jesus was inspired by God several years ago and I first performed it publicly at the home-going service for my daughter, Dwynise U. McCottrell, prior to delivering her eulogy. God gave me the strength needed to let go and deliver the eulogy in His strength and assured me that His presence was with me. Now that she's in Heaven and I remain on earth, we both remain in His presence. This song is dedicated to her memory, which lives on in my heart. Thank you God for giving her the gift of new life on my birthday, October 28, 2013.

90 Days of Sharing the Good News

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