God has given Dr. Holmes the gift of teaching, which she has been doing for nearly 30 years, starting with teaching Junior Girls (ages 9-12) at Prince of Peace M. B. Church from 1988 – 1994.  From 2004-2009, she taught new members class (Rhema Orientation Training Class/R.O.T.C.) for the Rhema Church.  She aided students in identifying their Spiritual Gifts, which lead them to join various ministries within the church.  Some of those students later announced their calling into the ministry. 


Also, in 2009, Dr. Holmes re-established a Sunday School program at the Rhema Church, which had not been in session for over a year.  The Pastor gave her the assignment of developing the Sunday School ministry and to serve in the capacity of Lead Servant.  Under her leadership, a staff of teachers were trained, students recruited, and classes were formed for all age groups.  For the first three years, attendance grew to the point where the Pastor decided to break up the classes into small groups, which required restructuring and additional recruiting and training of teachers and other workers.   She developed an operations manual, which included a flow chart, responsibility descriptions for every worker involved in the ministry.  This 37-page manual served to give the Sunday School structure and every person involved had a clear sense of direction to carry out their duties.

She  served as Lead Servant of the Rhema Christian Learning School, taught the adult class, facilitated bi-weekly meetings of the RCLS staff, and prepared teaching notes for each week’s lesson to give teachers a guide for additional discussion with their students.


Dr. Holmes also served as the training facilitator for Rhema’s Ministry of Helps.

In October 2017, Dr. Holmes moved her membership back to Prince of Peace Church and in December 2017 Pastor Willie E. Kilpatrick appointed her as Director of the new Small Groups Ministry, which launched in January 2018.   Under her leadership, the Small Groups format, which replaced the traditional Bible Study, increased Bible Study participation from approximately 50 per week to approximately 250 participants weekly.  She was responsible for developing the training manual, training facilitators and assistants, and managing all administrative aspects of the Ministry.  Working together with Pastor Kilpatrick, the goal of the Ministry is to get 100% of the membership participating in Small Groups.

Dr. Holmes also serves as a substitute Professor at Cohen Institute, where she received her Masters Degree in Theology, Doctorate in Judaic Christian Studies, Ministerial License, and Ordination Certificate.



Dr. Holmes has served as guest preacher on numerous occasions over the past sixteen years.  She has wowed audiences with her style of presentation, which includes humor, excitement, and the ability to explain and expound on the Word through life experiences, illustrations, education, and application.  Her messages are memorable and helpful.  It is not her desire to impress her audience with how much she knows, but to help them to get to know how to apply the Word to their lives, ultimately making them stronger witnesses equipped to share the Good News.  She has been invited to preach on special occasions like Women’s Day, Family and Friends Day, Prayer Breakfast, and general Sunday Worship.

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Dr. Holmes has years of experience serving as Master of Ceremonies for concerts, programs, and services of all kinds.  She brings a level of excitement, humor, and spirit to every occasion to keep the audience engaged.  She does not believe in a boring service and feels that it is the duty of the Master of Ceremonies to orchestrate the flow of the service so the transitions are appropriate, lively, and engaging, which promises that no matter the occasion, the audience will be glad they were in attendance.  She has a gift for spontaneity and the ability to be flexible enough to address even last minute changes to the order of the service gracefully and thoughtfully.



Dr. Holmes has been singing since she was old enough to talk.  She remembers that her Dad would often take her to places to show off her musical talents.  As she grew older, she always sang in the church choir.  During a season in her life, she sang R&B, favoring artists like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Patty LaBelle, and Dionne Warwick.  Her range from tenor to soprano allows her to belt out numbers with power and authority.  As a Gospel singer, she is often invited to sing and one of the most requested songs is Yolanda Adams’ “In the Midst of it All,” which she sings from the depths of her soul because she says, “This is my testimony.”   Dr. Holmes’ gift is an anointed addition to any type of service including weddings, funerals, and special worship occasions.  And now, she has her own recorded single, I Feel Jesus, which was released in November 2017.